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Anonymous sent:
Hi I really need some help. So I've been struggling with my gender a lot recently. I know my sexuality though. But gender is hard to figure out for me. I identify as non binary but recently it hasn't really "felt right". I'm a biologically girl but somedays I feel like a girl, somedays a guy, sometimes non binary. And I don't know what to do I'm still young so I have time to figure stuff out but I can't just change my pronouns every few days it's really bugging me. Do you have any advice?

i hope soon you’ll find a niche that feels more right to you, im sorry to hear its been trouble ;3; goal is to feel more comfortable/knowledgeable with your own self so i cant advise an actual direction since I’m not you, but youre already doing the best thing you can be, exploring the different things you think might fit your identity, yknow? its a great thing to do for yourself

16 minutes ago